More information about Dance the Orange

Created by The Umbrella Collective
Co-Presented with The Umbrella Collective, Control Group Prod. & Naropa University.

This original production is 1 part dance, 1 part theatre, 1 part opera and 1 part art installation.

Dance the Orange tells a story of inevitability of loss and the unpredictable nature of love. Orpheus, a famous mythological musician, looses the love of his life after a tragic accident on their wedding night. In his pain, he travels down into the underworld to get her back. With permission from the great King of the Underworld, Hades, he begins his quest to find his lost love. In doing so Orpheus befriends the Child-Queen Persephone as she guides and protects him through the three hellish realms of the Underworld.

Dance the Orange is an event that pushes the boundaries of what live performance can be, pulling inspiration from the poetry of Rainer Maria Rilke, the artwork of William Blake and the musicality of Daniel Johnston. Featuring video projections, installation, live music and the simple magic of bodies in space, you will step into a world of spectacular transformation.

Join us for this magnificent and exhilarating performance event at work|space Denver; Denver’s home for thrilling, edgy and stimulating performance!

For more information, visit or call (804) 822-2650.

Advanced tickets available online at


8:00 Thursday – January 10
8:00 Friday – January 11
8:00 Saturday – January 12
8:00 Sunday – January 13


Work|Space Denver
2701 Lawrence Street Denver, CO 80205

Avdance tickets available at

The Umbrella Collective strives to challenge the conventional identity of theater, dance, and visual art; raising the question, “What is possible? With Dance the Orange, we wish to blend mediums and push the boundaries of what performance can be.

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